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What lingerie can I wear with a backless wedding dress ?

More of my brides seem to be choosing backless or low backed wedding dresses than ever before.  This provides some real challenges in finding beautiful lingerie that will match the dress and also match the brides body shape.  I do wish all brides would consider their lingerie when choosing their wedding dress – rather than afterwards.


Anything up to a D-cup and you will have plenty of good options – from low backed basques to backless and low backed bras.  As soon as you go to DD plus then your options start dwindling very quickly – and for many larger boobs there will be no options at all.

Perhaps the most frustrating question I get asked is something along the lines of:

“I have the most beautiful backless dress – I am a size 32FF.  I don’t want to go bra-less and need  some lingerie  to provide support and a bit of shaping  – what can you suggest ?”

The basic problem with providing a happy outcome to this question is actually more of an engineering issue than a lingerie question.  There are two main problem areas:


1.   If your lingerie is backless there is a limit to the size of boob it can support


  • With a normal bra your boobs are supported by your bra straps and the tension there is in the band.  With a normal strapless bra all of the support comes from the tension in the bra band combined with the structure of the cup.
  • With a low backed or backless option – there is just not enough tension or structure to support large boobs – it is a physical impossibility.  As a result, low backed and backless bras are just not made by any of the lingerie manufacturers.


2.  If your lingerie is backless it is impossible for it to shape your body


  • Lingerie that shapes your body does so by applying a bit of elastication around your torso / waist.
  • If there is no material at the back, then there is no way to get any tension around your torso, the only possible shaping could be around your waist where a low backed bra might fasten.


So what are my lingerie options for a low back / backless wedding dress ?


My advice is to always go for the highest backed lingerie your dress will accommodate – you will get more support and more shaping than lower backed versions.

The options fall into three categories:

Stick on cups / bras



These are the only truly backless option there is.  To be honest they are more about covering your boobs and nipples than providing real support – but they do really work.  They either have a built-in adhesive or one that needs to be applied separately, and will happily stay in place all day.

They are only available to fit up to a D-cup – but really only work up to a 34/36″ back.

You can see my range of stick-on bras here

Low backed / backless bras



These are bras (sometimes called bustiers) which fasten around your waist.  although they are not truly backless they will accommodate many backless and low backed dresses.

Until very recently you could only get these in a D-cup (with the largest being a 44D) in both Ivory and white.  however,  Wacoal have just brought out a fantastic product (pictured) which goes all the way up to a G-cup.  it is really well structured but only comes in nude and black.

You can see my range of backless bras here

Low Backed basques



Plenty of really beautiful options here, but once again a bit limited in the cup size range.  For basques which come down to between your waist and your bra band – the largest size available is a 40D.

However if you only need a basque that comes to just below where your bra band would sit – then sizes go all the way to a 48HH – the higher the back the larger the boob that can be supported.

you can see my range of low backed basques here.




I hope this has given you some guidance on what lingerie is available to match your backless wedding dress.  If you have not yet bought your dress the please remember:

“Think about your lingerie at the same time as you choose your dress not afterwards”


Happy Shopping  !


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