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How to choose the perfect bridal basque

Bridal lingerie is one of the most important, and difficult lingerie purchases you will make – mainly because not only does it have fit you & you have to love it (which is normal) but it also has to fit and match your dress perfectly.

I get a lot of enquiries about bridal basques – with look sexy and provide great shaping – and so are a really popular option.  I thought it might be useful to outline some of the important things to think about when looking for a one.


What to think about when choosing a bridal basque


The most important things  to consider when looking for a bridal basque are:

1.  Your bra size

2.  The internal structure of your dress

3.  The back of your dress

4.  The neckline of your dress

5.  How fitted your dress is over the hips

6.  The colour of your dress


1.  What is your bra size ?



Make sure you know your bra size.  There is generally nothing unusual about the fit of basques – so if you do know your bra size just go with that.  If you are not sure please get a professional fit (most shops will do this for free).  If you are not near an independent store try John Lewis rather than M&S.

If this is still not possible or convenient there are online calculators that can help you measure yourself – but please follow the instructions carefully.  You probably want to try a couple of them – can find my bra size calculator by clicking here.


2.  What is the internal structure of your dress ?



It is really important to have a chat with your dress maker – or take a good look at the inside of your dress.  Some wedding dresses are highly structure – with internal boning and / or a lace up corsetted back.  others have very little internal structure.  As basques are boned you need to make sure you do not “overdo it” as the bones on the different garments my interfere with each other.

This may be both unnecessary and uncomfortable.


3.  How low is the back of your wedding dress ?



This seems to one of the major considerations these days as many of my brides choose low back or backless dresses.  Remember the higher the back of your basque – the more support & shaping it will be able to provide.  So I always recommend buying a basque with the highest back possible that will match your dress.  So if you dont have a backless dress – don’t buy a low back bustier as you will get more support from a higher backed basque.

If you do have a backless dress please, please, please make sure that you can find some lingerie in your size before you commit to the dress.  It is difficult – sometimes impossible – to find backless lingerie in larger cup sizes.


4.  What is the shape of the neckline of your wedding dress ?



Obviously the cups of the basque need to be invisible under the front of your dress.  If you have a particularly plunging neckline you may have difficulty finding a basque to match


5.  How tightly fitted is your wedding dress over the hips – and what material is it made of ?



This is important because there is generally a little ridge at the bottom edge of your basque – which often sits at the top of your hip line.  It is not a problem if your dress flairs at the waist as it will not be seen.  It is also not usually a problem if your dress has has a lace overlay or gathering at the hip line – as this will conceal the edge of the basque.

However, if your dress is tightly fitted over the hips – especially it is a smooth satin material – then you are probably better off going with a basque / bustier which only comes down to the waist level.  You can match this with some shapewear to completely smooth out your figure .


6.  What colour is your wedding dress ?


It is generally preferred to match the colour of your dress with the colour of your lingerie.  White bridal lingerie is a little hard to get hold of these days compared to ivory.   If you are are choosing a white dress it might be worth checking you can get hold of a white basque in your size.  Fortunately I do stock a great selection of white basques


I hope that helps a little with narrowing down your selection – and helps you find the perfect basque for your wedding day.  You can take a look at my range of bridal basques by clicking here.


Geraldine x




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