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Low Back Bustier – Buying Guide

Choosing a Low Backed Bustier to match your Wedding Dress


There is a real trend at the moment for low backed or backless dresses.  They can be absolutely stunning, but can pose a real problem in getting some support for your boobs.  I have a number of low back bustiers available on the site – from three different brands, which work very well with these dresses.  However, even with this selection, if you are more than a D cup – your options are severely limited.

I thought it might be useful to highlight some of the differences between each of the bustiers, to help you choose the one that will be best for you.  They are all pretty much the same height at the back, so that not going to help the choice.

The ones I have available are (click on the image to jump to the product in my shop):


1.  The Low Back Bra / Bustier.

Smooth moulded cups (which come up a little big).   Available in large cup sizes but only in Nude.  Now discontinued so sizes are patchy




2.  The Low Back Bustier in Satin

Great value for a low back bustier.  Comes in larger back sizes (up to 44) but only available up to a D cup.  Comes in Ivory, White & Black.






2063.  The Luxurious Seamless Bustier

Smooth and seamless in a lovely pearl colour (pale ivory).  Has a plunge front which comes 1″ lower than the others at the centre front.  Available up to a D-cup






The main questions when choosing between them are:


1.  Do I need a bustier that is this low ?


If you don’t need it this low – go for something with a higher back !

These bustiers fasten around the waist, and are ideal for low backed and backless dresses.  However, not all low back dresses are low enough to need one of these bustiers.  If the back drops down to approximately 1-2″ below your bra band you should be able to get away with a low backed basque.

Generally speaking you should always go for the basque that is as high at the back as will suit your dress.  You will get better support and shaping from a higher backed piece of lingerie.


2.  How big is your cup size ?


If you are a more than a D cup there is only one choice for you – the Low Back Bra / Bustier.  However, this style has been discontinued and sizes are limited.  You are unlikely to find this item anywhere else as I have just imported the last of the stock from the US.

If you are a D or less then you can try any of them !


3.  What is your back size ?


Between 32″ and 40″ you have a lot of choice !

If your back size is greater than 40″ the only options you have are the two Satin bustiers, and if it is greater than 44″ – then I don’t have anything that will readily fit.  There are expanders available but these will put the boning in slightly the wrong position so that is not ideal.


4.  Will the boning show through the bodice of your dress ?


If you have a sheer or tight fitting bodice there is a risk that the boning of the bustier will show through the material of your dress.  In this case there is really only one choice for you – the Luxurious Seamless Bustier.  With this one the bones are more concealed – and so will give a smoother  flatter appearance.


5.  How plunge is the front of your dress ?


Although they all plunge to a certain extent the “Luxurious” bustiers come approximately 1″ lower at the centre front than the others.  So if you need a plunge bustier then these are the best choice.


6.  What colour do you need?


Finally, the colour you would like to match your dress may help you decide which of the bustiers will be best for you:

If you need:

  • White – then you will need to try the low back bustier in satin
  • Pale ivory – then you will need one of the “Luxurious” bustiers as these come in a pale ivory which is a sort of pearl shade
  • Creamier ivory – then you can try the low back bustier in satin
  • Nude – the only one available in nude is the


I hope that helps !!



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