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Bridal Lingerie Guide

I thought it might be useful to jot down a quick guide to the main types and styles of bridal lingerie – so you can choose what you like – and just as importantly what suits your dress.  There are plenty of options, including traditional shapewear, but these are the most common choices that brides will consider.

Strapless Bras



The strapless bra is probably the most common choice of bridal lingerie.  Combined with a matching brief/ thong and suspender belt/stockings (or hold ups) it can make for a stunning and sexy look.

The advantages of this type of lingerie is that there is loads of choice out there, and it can look classically stunning.  The downsides are that strapless bras are generally not suitable for low backed wedding dresses – and of course there is no shaping what-so-ever.


You can see my range of strapless bras here.




Basques are a great option for your bridal lingerie.  They are generally fastened at the back with hooks and eyes and should be boned to help smooth your silhouette.  There are a wide range of basques available in a variety of lengths, back height and fabrics – so you should be able to find something to suit your dress.

The advantages of this type of bridal lingerie is that it looks stunning and is able to provide great shaping as well.  You can also get basques ideal for the fuller figured bride with larger back sizes and cups.  The downsides are that the backs are not low enough for many backless style dresses.  There is also generally a slight ridge ate the bottom edge of the basque – although this is often not visible – it can be seen under some dresses that are tightly fitted over the hips.

You can see my range of basques here.




This type of lingerie is similar to a basque – but they are much shorter in length – fastening around the waist (with hooks and eyes).  There are fewer styles of these around – but you should be able to find something – unless you are a large cup size.

The advantages of these are that they have the lowest backs of any lingerie (fully open to the waist) – so are ideal for low backed wedding dresses.

The downsides are that there is no support around the back – this means there is no shaping effect – but also means there is less support for your boobs – as a result bustiers are not available in larger cup sizes (up to a DD max).  As they fasten around the waist they also, no matter how slim you are, create a little bulge under the waist band.  This is fine under most dresses – but may need some shapewear under a tighter fitting dress.

You can see my range of low backed bustier here.




By corsets I mean the stiffly boned lace up version.  These are great for shaping your figure – and are able to really shape your figure.  You will generally need some help to get laced into one of these.  You can do it solo – but it is really tricky.

The big advantage of a bridal corset is the shaping it will provide – as well as a very stylish retro sort of a look.

The downsides are that they are quite bulky – particularly at the back – and so may be visible under tight fitting dresses.  The rear laces also mean they will be difficult to match with dresses that have boning or corsetry already included.

You can see my range of corsets here.


Other options


There are plenty of other options or combinations you can choose – including traditional shapewear.  But these are the main choice to consider

You can see my range of shapewear here.

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