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The latest low back bras which work with backless wedding dresses – Spring/Summer 2017

I get so many enquiries from brides who have low back or backless wedding dresses looking for underwear that I though it would be useful to provide an update on the styles that are available – and the sizes that they come in.  They can all be found on my website – which you can jump to by CLICKING HERE.

Just to summarise a few key points:

  • Remember the higher the back the more support you will get – so you should always choose the highest back option that will match your dress.  Don’t expect the same support from a low backed basque as you would from your bras.
  • If you have a backless dress and you have a cup size larger than a DD – you are going to have a problem.  You are either going to have to go braless (and have cups built into the dress) OR you are going to have to build up the back of the dress.
  • If you have a low backed dress then, depending on exactly how low it is, you should be ok all the way up to a FF cup.

So, starting with the lowest backed lingerie options here are your options.


Low backed bustiers



These are pretty much the lowest back you can get.  They do a fantastic job and are the top selling items of lingerie on this website.  They fasten around the waist, and so can be used with most backless dresses.  The waist band is 1-2″ thick so you do have to realise that this could be visible with a wedding dress that dips really low.

The other thing to bear in mind with these is that no matter how slim you are, as they fasten snugly around the waist, they will create a slight bulge under the waistband.  This is not a problem with many dresses and it can easily be smoothed out by pairing the bustier with one of my fantastic slim skirts.


I sell two versions, both of which are identical in how low they are at the back – so the choice is more down to style, colour and price.

  1.  The smooth seamfree version is the more expensive one, and is ideal for where you need a smooth front – with no boning showing through.  It has a slightly lower centre front and comes in a beautiful pale ivory colour.  This comes in sizes 32-40 in and A to D cup.
  2. The other low back bustier is still pretty smooth – but the boning is visible.  I think this item is fantastic value and it comes in a huge range of sizes 32-44 and A to DD cup.  So if you are more than a 40 back or a DD cup – then this is your only option.  It comes in White and Ivory.

You can take a look at the bridal bustiers here.


Low backed torsolette

(a torsolette is a basque which is slightly longer in the body – coming over the top of your hips)



This is a great option if you are looking for a bit of shaping over the hips, combined with a low back.  The back of this item does not sit quite as low as the bustiers (it sits approximately 1″ higher), but is a good 2″ lower at the back than the other torsolette basques.

This particular basque has smooth moulded cups and a smooth body as well – so is ideal for giving some shape and support under close fitting wedding dresses.  It comes in a wide range of sizes (32-44 and B-DD) in a pale ivory (the image look like nude – but it is really a pale ivory).

You can see this item here.


Low back longline bra


Quite a simple idea really, make a strapless bra with a deeper band – so that it fastens lower at the back.  Clever ! and – it works really well.  The top of the band at the back sits about 2″ lower than where the bottom of your normal bra would be – and it comes in larger cup sizes – so it does give a great low back option for the larger bust.  Obviously, it is not low enough to be worn with a backless dress.


This bra is available in two colours (ivory and black) and there are two “versions”.

  1. One is designed for the larger bust (DD+) which comes in sizes 32-38 and DD-FF, which makes it pretty much the only low back option if you are more than an E-cup.
  2. The smaller cup version comes in 32-38 and A-D cups and includes some gel pads that give a great push up effect.

You can see these low backed bras here.


Low Back Basques


I have a range of three low backed basques.  Two of them are identical except that one has smooth satin panels and the other has lace panels, apart from that they are constructed and fit exactly the same.  The third has an identical body structure – but has a moulded push-up cup, to give a slight additional boost to your bust.

These are a really pretty option to give your silhouette a bit of shaping.  The bottom edge of the basque finishes just on the hips – so they will nicely shape your waist (but they do not come low enough to shape your hips).  The rear of the basque is pretty much the same height as the Low back longline bra, but they come in a more restricted set of sizes 32-40 and A to D cup.

You can see these low backed basques here.


Torsolette Basques


Although they are not strictly sold as a low back option, the rear of these basques actually sits about 1″ below where the bottom of your bra band would sit.  This actually makes them a perfect choice for dresses that are just a little scooped out at the back.  The longer length of these basques, combined with their spiral steel boning, means they come down over the top of your hips and will give a great shape all the way from your bust down to your hips.

I have three versions of the torsolettes, all are identical in terms of structure and fit, but differ in terms of the material and colour (and price).  One has a lovely embroidered finish (available in a pale ivory), the second comes in smooth satin (available in white and ivory), and the final one has lace panels (available in white and ivory).

You can see the bridal torsolettes here.


Well that’s about it !!  I have really tried to put together a collection of bridal lingerie that includes the best low backed options that are available anywhere.  If you do come across something fantastic that it not on my website – please let me know and I will get hold of a couple and see if they are worth adding to my range.

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