"The secret of a fabulous fitting wedding dress.... is the bridal lingerie beneath"


These Wedding Corsets can INSTANTLY shrink your waist measurement by up to 4" !!

Corsets are one of the forgotten items of lingerie, and I think they are amazing.  The first time I wore one (which was relatively recently), was a real WOW!!  With just a few minutes of tightening the laces I lost 3" off my waistline and completely flattened my tummy.  I just couldn't stop looking at my amazing figure, it was an instant transformation.

These bridal corsets are all gorgeous, are boned, and have a smooth satin finish.  I think they are the sexiest lingerie I have on the site.  You do have to check they are suitable for wearing under your wedding dress, but this should not be a problem in most cases.  If you are not sure about a full overbust corset, try the underbust corset which can really make a different to your waist (but only comes in black and white).

You need to be really careful when ordering bridal corsets, as the sizing corsets can be a bit tricky.  Many websites will ask you to order the size you need - but I don't think it is that easy - as women's bodies are all so different.  When you order a corset on this site, rather than ordering a specific size, you will be asked to input some of your measurements.  I will then work out the size that will suit you best.

The measurements I will need are (depending on the corset):

1.  Hips: measured around the fullest part of your hips /  bottom

2.  Waist: measured around the smallest part of your waist, which will be nearer your navel than your hip bones

3. Bust: measured all the way around the fullest part of your bust, with your bra ON

4. Cup: the cup size of the (correctly fitting) bras that you wear

(Just for information corsets are generally sized by the waist measurement,  with the laces "fully closed".  As a rule of thumb, this is typically 4" less than your actual waist measurement.  So a 28" corset will generally fit someone with a 32" waist.  But dont worry about that - give me an accurate set of measurements and I will do the rest).

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