Bra Size Calculator

I have put this bra size calculator on the website to help you if you are unsure of what size to buy.

The best place to start is your actual current bra size - so if you know your comfortable bra size then that is the size to buy.  

The basques and bras on this site all fit pretty much "true" to size, so if you have a bra size that you are comfortable in - that is almost certainly the right size to go for when choosing your bridal lingerie.  Use the calculator as a check to see if you are in roughly the right size.  

If you are in any doubt PLEASE GIVE ME A CALL !!.  It will only takes a few minutes and I should be able to help.

To use the calculator: Simply enter your underbust measurement, and your over bust measurement, to calculate your correct bra size.  

Under-bust size (A)



Over-bust size (B)



Please note: if you are going to use the calculator please follow the following simple guidelines.

Underbust:  This should be measured with the tape held tightly (as tight as your bra band would be).  Your underbust is measured where your bra band would sit

Overbust:  This should be measured with the tape held normally (ie. not tightly).  Your over bust is measured around the fullest part of your bust, with your bra ON.